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awwbadge_2014What have I done!? I’ve decided to sign up for the Australian Women Writers 2014 challenge.

I only just found out about this challenge today. In 2013 I saw the icon on a few bloggers I follow and never really understood what it was about. Today as I was looking through a variety of blogs I stumbled across http://australianwomenwriters.com and learnt what it is all about.

Why have I decided to participate in AWW 2014? There are two main reasons:

  1. I have never really been taken by Australian writing. I don’t know if this is a backlash from some sub-par Australian authors I had to read in highschool, or because I feel that there aren’t a lot of great Australian Fantasy authors out there. (I would love for any one reading this to disagree with me, and point me to some great, female, Australian, fantasy authors). So what better way to try and get into Australian authors then to participate in a challenge like this, with a whole community of readers that can point me in the direction of quality writing.
  2. I really want to develop this blog. I am not the greatest writer, and I want to challenge myself to develop these skills. I have found that if I just leave it up to myself to blog I rarely do it, I feel participating in a challenge like this will give me the kick up the butt that I need.

So here goes. As this is my first year I have decided to stick with the Stella level (read 4, review at least 3).

Now I just have to find some Australian female authors. Any help, will be greatly appreciated…