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The End by SteveNakatani CC Licence Flickr

So apparently I failed the end of #blogjune I was so proud of myself, I had written almost every day of June (much better than last year) and I had all intentions to write something on Sunday to finish up an excellent month, but the weekend came, and life became extremely hectic as I tried to fit all the things I can’t do in the week into two days, aaand the weekend was gone, which meant June had gone, woops!

Here are my reflections on #blogjune anyway…two days into July…who needs to follow rules anyway ;)

I loved #blogjune this year. It is such a great idea (thanks Con and Steph), not only did I love the challenge to myself to try and write something each day (I failed to write a lot some days, but still managed to get a post out). The main thing I loved, was reading everyone else’s thoughts, and feeling a part of a world-wide community of librarians. What a great bunch of librarians there is around the world, so many people have such great ideas and thoughts, and can articulate them so well. I have been led to a variety of different articles and ideas that will help to develop my job (such as Embedded Librarianship) and I have also made some great contacts over Twitter, and through commenting on a variety of blogs.

As I stated in an earlier post in June, working in a small, specialised library (after being in a fairly sizable academic library)  I can sometimes get a little bit lonely, but with challenges such as #blogjune I feel so connected to the many great people we have in our profession.

I now have to challenge myself to continue this blog, I may even find another challenge to follow – as they seem to really give me the kick up the butt that I need-.

So thanks everyone that participated in #blogjune it was great to read and reflect on so many of your thoughts. Can’t wait for next year…